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Graduation Distinction/Honors

The Monroe County Board of Education has established criteria for seniors graduating with particular achievements.
Beginning with students who entered ninth grade in the 2014-15 (cohort class of 2018), students will be recognized as graduation with distinction by attaining a B average [85 or higher] and completing at least one of the following:
• Earn a nationally recognized industry certification
• Participate in a Governor's School
• Participate in one of the state's All State musical organizations
• Be selected as a National Merit Finalist or Semi-Finalist
• Attain a score of 31 or higher composite score on the ACT
• Attain a score of 3 or higher on at least two Advanced Placement exams
• Successfully complete the International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme
• Earn 12 or more semester hours of transcripted postsecondary credit
Beginning with students who entered ninth grade in 2014-2015 (cohort class of 2018), students who score at or above all readiness benchmark scores on the ACT or equivalent score on the SAT will graduate with honors. Benchmark scores are as follows: 
English - 18 
Math - 22
Science -24 
Social Studies and Reading - 21
For the purposes of honors recognition Monroe County Schools will use the following Latin System. Laude recognition of graduating seniors will be determined by quality points based on the averaged grades for those courses in which credit is given. No non-credit class(s) or non-GPA classes will be used in determining grade point average. Grades through the third (3rd 17 ) nine weeks of the second semester of the senior year will be used for ranking through the class of 2018.
GPA 3.9 – 4.0: Summa Cum Laude (With Highest Honor)
GPA 3.7 – 3.8: Magna Cum Laude (With Great Honor)
GPA 3.5 – 3.6: Cum Laude (With Honor)
Effective immediately for the class of 2020, Monroe County Schools will use the Ready Graduate Indicator for purposes of determining eligibility for the Laude System. Students meeting the requirements must also meet the GPA requirements set forth by the Laude system.
Score a 21 or higher on the ACT: OR
Complete four early postsecondary opportunities (EPSOs); OR
Complete two EPSOs + earn an industry certification (on a CTE pathway leading to a credential); OR
Complete two EPSOs + score a designated score (TBD) on the Armed Services Vocational
Aptitude Batters (ASVAB) Armed Forces Qualifying Test (AFQT).
For more information and/or clarification, please visit the Monroe County Schools website.