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CTE Overview

TN Career and Technical Education Standards - Overview
Tennessee’s career and technical education (CTE) programs of study are meant to provide a relevant framework of industry-aligned, rigorous courses that progress a student in knowledge and skills year after year. They provide invaluable opportunities for students to experience a subject that they are passionate about and explore interests that lead to postsecondary learning and future career paths. These sequenced courses also reflect and support the three-credit elective focus requirement for graduation. Level 1 courses are encouraged to be taken by students in ninth grade; however, districts may make scheduling decisions that work best for their communities and students.
The division of college, career and technical education’s programs of study in career and technical education (CTE) are designed to be reflective of statewide labor, economic, and postsecondary opportunities that provide students with viable career paths. This statewide focus gives districts the ability to offer high school students coursework that provides sequential and progressive learning and allows for students to transition seamlessly into industry and postsecondary.