Chemistry I Assignments/Schedule

My Chemistry I Syllabus is now available online.  Please read through the syllabus. Once you have read the lab safety/course outline agreement please complete the form.  This form will serve as a permission slip for your student to participate in labs.  If you would like a paper copy of this syllabus please email or call and I will send it home with your student.
I am doing all my assignments through Google Classroom this year.  If you need to check on any work, turn work in, or contact me, Classroom is best way to do it.
Google Classroom Codes for the 3rd 9-Weeks:
1st/2nd Period: ue2kdhb
3rd/4th Period: xckpj6l
5th/6th Period:yvor3gx

Chemistry I Schedule

2020 Fall Semester

Purple = Quiz (30%)

Blue = Homework (30%)

Red = Test (40%)

GC = Google Classroom


1/11: Set up Google Classroom, Go over Syllabus, Supply list, Fill out information Form, Lab Safety PPT, Hand out Equipment Reference Sheet

1/12: Chapter 3 Notes (Significant Figures), GC3.1: Significant Figures Practice

1/13: Review Significant Figures notes, GC3.2: Significant Figures Quiz, Chapter 3 Notes (Calculations and Sig Figs), 1/14: Chapter 3 Notes (Calculations and Sig Figs),GC3.3: Calculations using Significant Figures, GC3.4: Measure a Book Lab

1/15: Remote Learning Day Assignment: RLD1: Video Questions Chemistry Top 5


1/18: No School Martin Luther King, Jr Day

1/19: Chapter 3 Notes (Calculations and Sig Figs), Finish the Measure a Book Lab Assignment and Turn it in, GC3.5: More Using Sig Figs in Calculations Practice

1/20: Chapter 3 Notes (Calculations and Sig Figs), Work on Assignment 3.5, GC3.6: Sig Fig Calculations Quiz,

1/21: Chapter 3 Notes (Dimensional Analysis and Conversions), GC3.7: Dimensional Analysis/Conversion Problems

1/22: Review Dimensional Analysis/Conversion Problems, GC3.8: More Practice over Conversions